The Alpaca Digest

Peggy and Iomi

As of December 31st, 2013
Alpacas At Tucker Creek is Closed

Life is filled with twists and turns and one never knows what the next adventure is going to look like.  Little did we know when we walked into a new potential rental space on the Columbia River for the sole purpose of moving our fiber store from our barn to the Riverwalk did we know it would be the beginning of our next adventure.  As it turned out the building is magical and it also lent itself to being a perfect yoga studio.  Since that day a year ago April, we have been slowly evolving to this decision.  In December we added Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching to the list of body work available at our studio and in April 2013 we became certified. 

That being said, we have some wonderful animals in need of new homes--females who are ready to advance your herd to the next level.  If you are new to the industry, it is a great opportunity for you to start with some proven genetics.  If you are an experienced breeder, you will have the opportunity to diversify your herd or add some familiar lines to your existing herd.  Check out our links.  If you are interested in fiber only, we will reduce the price even further.  All reasonable offers will be considered. 

We will continue to be here for any of you who have questions and plan to work with our associate farms to expand our respective product lines.  Alpaca will always be my fiber of choice. 

   If you are interested in our next chapter . . . here is the link: